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You have seen both sides instead of paper?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-03-31
Today with everyone to see the gray paper first: then we could look at the pairs of gray paper side horizontal stripes, a twill? Below is more beautiful. Then we'll introduce the double gray cardboard: 1. Is characterized by two lines on the surface of the product characteristics, on the other hand, a horizontal stripes, twill side, surface smooth, pulp fiber fine no sawdust, core plasma partial white, grey board. 2. Adapt to a wide range application in the food box, tea box, gift box, jewelry box, jewelry boxes, pen boxes, moon cake box, shoes box, notebook, book covers, folder, fast power clamp, card holder, memo, etc. Plate digital product packaging, hardware fittings, luggage strap, clothing lining, the cushion filling paper, decorate with cardboard, cardboard, sericulture, family which has been widely applied stick rat! Chicken chicken are introduced: double gray cardboard manufacturer hangzhou all paper co. , LTD is located the east capital of leisure - - - - - - - - - - - - - Major of hangzhou, the company is mainly producing high quantitative: cover board, double gray cardboard, grey cardboard, grey board, imitation imports grey board, highlights high strength grey board, ordinary gray plate, single board, single cow card, the thickness of the single board and various kinds of color cardboard. The products are widely used in: pasting box ( Moon cake box, wine box, tea box, cosmetic box, craft gift box) , folders, notebooks, photo albums, hardcover book cover, bags and receive no imitation cloth bag, etc. Our existing equipment: 8 sets of semi-automatic compound production line, 3 flat pressure type glue composite machine, 2 automatic drum composite machine, a set of 60 metres of gas drying line ( 35 meters high temperature drying, 25 meters long cooling calender) 2, 3 indentation machine, paper cutter. The company annual output 50000 tons, after drying, cold pressing process of cardboard qualitative first is very stable, has good stiffness, paper smooth and not easy deformation, etc.
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