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Year end will come, the FSC grey board price boom again

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-06
Recent FSC gray paper collapsed, the downstream packaging to reduce the influence of market demand, this year the packing paper ( Grey board) Production are in serious decline, the raw material is no longer a good catch, coupled with the wrapping paper demand was exhausted, the policy of insurance on a large paper mills are taking down, also because of the influence of international trade, import tariffs, 25% of the waste has imposed on the price of scrap and waste spreads narrowed, consider 25% duty factor, the current stock price is higher than the cost of part of the waste. Which affected the enthusiasm of each big mill imported stock, now will guide is weak, the whole construction machinery market in the short term should not increase the possibility of FSC grey board cut also usher in a wave of price preferential record-keeping, have a need to be aware of the customer of the grey board, please feel free to contact our company, the vehicle minimum discount, more discount waiting for you!
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