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Will The Grey Paper Board Be Affected Due To The Price Of Waste Paper Has Pummeted ?


National Day this period of time waste paper prices suddenly into a slump, the industry all feel very surprised.

According to the statistics of related websites, since early September, the price of waste paper began to decline. Since September 20, more and more enterprises of waste paper decline.Some categories even fell as much as 800 yuan /T.The waste paper price index fell to 2233.87 as of 9:00am on sept 28, 2018.The waste paper index has fallen to a high level, based on past experience, there is the possibility of the paper price bottoming rebound.Whether it will rebound this time, people are divided.

In the past two years, as the price of paper keeps rising, some end consumers have been looking for suitable substitutes. Therefore, the demand for paper, such as grey board paper, has decreased. Besides, relatively cheap finished products from abroad have occupied part of the market.

But on the other hand, many grey board manufacturers have been shutting down for reasons ranging from machine repairs to environmental inspections since the end of August, and the situation is not likely to improve in October.The effect of this factor will make the price of paper rise again.

Therefore, whether the demand for grey board paper will increase in October, whether the market will recover, whether the price of paper will rise, we just can waiting.

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