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Why the FSC black paperboard is darker than the FSC paper price expensive

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-25
Dongguan paper is one of the FSC certification board factory in dongguan. FSC certification it and call it: 'FSC forest certification' environmental protection, the FSC black cardboard, also known as black forest environmental protection attestation that the kraft paper, the basic for the FSC black card customers reaction FSC black cardboard why so expensive, because the FSC black card is made by the raw material to the original oar cengcengbaguan produced by the products, due to the FSC requested by the FSC certification committee must have traced back function, that is, from raw material to the finished product should be labelled as friendly to the environment, the FSC black cardboard more no exception, the FSC has a complete set of industrial chain, so the FSC relatively higher and the cost of the product is normal, the other by the FSC environmental protection for the determination of the original wood pulp material can be used in the black cardboard production production source, so the FSC pulp black paper than ordinary black paper raw material costs out of the 600 - wood pulp price 900 yuan/ton. FSC black cardboard on raw materials has been higher than ordinary kraft paper cost. So not all customers choose the FSC black cardboard, unless the source is the customer's requirements to choose the FSC black paper. FSC black cardboard for special custom products, paper mill production needs to be in the pulp, as well as clean the slurry pool and paper machine, in preparation for the production of FSC black paper work, this led to a series of processes are the FSC black cardboard production costs rise.
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