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Whiteboard paper printing color sequence arrangement is what kind of?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-22
1, white board paper printing products include hk field, and text, lines, patterns. Such as: postal service express mail envelope, wine box, cigarette packaging ( A box) Products such as printing, printing color sequence it is better to print text, line, pattern, and then put the full version of the field in the last computer printing, this can avoid the whiteboard paper thicker, collide with each other to cause touch dirty mark when working paper brush bad, sticky dirty phenomenon on the back. 2, will be in front of deep color printing, light color on the back, because of the deep color ink strong hiding power, adhesion, jump in front, is advantageous for the overprint accurate; Light color ink covering power is weak, on the back slightly when printing printing run rules not easily observed, overprint effect is much better. 3, often in a printing products, there are four color halftone electric network, and there was a continuous adjustable design, text, line. Four color electrical outlets shall be first printing, is conducive to overprint accurate, reduce paper expansion. Then continuous adjustable print, text, line, on the printing color sequence arranged to look for the primary and secondary, difficult before they are easy to appropriate. 4, such as the hot weather, white board paper printing monochrome encountered when moisture content is not uniform, wrinkles uneven, paper surface strength caused by poor off powder, wool, and so on and so forth, can also be a dozen empty seal water first, can solve the phenomenon.
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