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Whiteboard paper how to choose, white board paper and printing have different?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-13
General middle and small packaging, such as beer, beverage, fruit and other foods carton, with white board paper color printing products are more and more. Then this how to choose, white board paper with below small make up together to know: 1, the white paper is a kind of positive white and smooth, the back for grey board, the board is bleached chemical pulp MianJiang, mix all sorts of mixed pulp slurry made for. After printing made carton for packaging of cosmetics, food, etc. Can also be used to printing education images. Quantitative has 200, 250. 300, 400 g/m2, etc. , have the single side, double side. Special and general. 2, how to choose: good quality white paper, opposite is exquisite, less impurity point, is not easy to water infiltration. Can pour a little water in the opposite look. Positive, uniform coating layer to compare, can't show, which is able to see the color of the floor. Coating can't be too thick, thick easy off powder. You can fold it and see off powder coating layer. Look from the side without potholes, no black piece of paper; Paper coating should be uniform, can not have wool, off powder, peeling and the stratification is not affected by external force; Roll each joint does not allow more than 2, tablet, drum size deviation not allowed more than + / - 5 0mm。 In terms of quality, white board paper and printing have different? White board paper box and printing quality requirements. Box making demands mainly on board with the proper stiffness, especially has certain folding strength, make the cartons made of strong texture, at the setback line pressing rolling box is not easy to fracture and break, the average tension should not be less than 200 k g/cm l. The average degree of folding is not less than 20 times. In printing, mainly is for paper put white, smooth, white board paper degrees in more than 70. Board should be flat, thickness, texture closely, scalability, generally to adapt to 5, 7 color overprint.
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