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White board paper production yellow color point problems

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-15
Whiteboard paper manufacture has the certain difficulty, in the process of its manufacturing, yellow color point problem is one of the special difficulties, yellow color dot problem occurs mainly in Manila board, its characteristic is the points: 1, the main rendering is bright yellow dot, with red, blue dot appear occasionally. 2, mainly is the core layer OCC material will cause yellow dots. 3, most color separation point in the time between one to three months, has delayed, usually used in storage warehouse or customer side were found. 4, for larger color points, has a certain penetrability. ( Place the paper in reel or tablet way for a long time, the color will point source along the vertical direction through the paper sheet and decreasing transmission step by step, serious when can penetrate more than 10 layer) 。 5, part of the color point for a long time, 6 months) Then disappeared or reduced. 6, through the oven heating yellow color points to go away, Part is usually cannot disappear to dust/impurities) 。 So what are the cause of whiteboard paper produce color dot? Still stay in speculation about this stage, there is no validated through scientific testing method. 1, in the printing ink, han sand yellow yellow pigment, a light yellow powder, insoluble in water, diluted form yellow precipitation, heat resistance is poor, more than 130 c color, it is mainly used for industrial coatings, printing ink color. 2, used in the low end of the paper ( Also used for corrugated board paper dyeing) Not completely dissolved alkaline pale yellow dye. Soluble in cold water and ethyl ether, soluble in hot water and ethanol, not fast. To produce color point to this problem if treatment can begin from the following aspects: from the waste source choice, remove the obvious contains bright yellow heavy printing materials; According to the paper moisture control process, reduce the color with the possibility of migration of water and other media; By increasing the steam heating can achieve the goal of improving water temperature;
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