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White board paper price action analysis

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-17
2005 - In 2008, of collecting the whiteboard paper price is generally to keep the level of around 4500 yuan/ton. In the second half of 2008 since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, as well as other paper, white board paper prices have also experienced a dramatic dissipated and dissipated and the changing process of ups and downs, price since September 2008 5400 yuan/ton of all-time high decline until May 2009 less than the level of 4000 yuan/ton, after this white paper prices into a new rising channel, the price has risen to the level of 5000 yuan/ton. White board paper consumption is the main varieties, its prices in general and the morale of the entire paper industry. Since 2005, against the backdrop of collecting the steady development of the macroeconomic, paper industry got a not disorderly development. Tribes of whiteboard paper market is basically in a state of relative balance of supply and demand, product prices at a relatively not disorderly period. In the first half of 2008, because of strong stimulation by the concept of the Olympic Games, of collecting paper industry market demand, this period basically a round of price increases on all paper, white paper issued in this kind of background to the historical highest 5400 yuan/ton. After September 2008, following the crisis affect of collecting real economy deepens, white board paper market demand, prices fell sharply on the whiteboard paper. Tribes of the downturn in the whiteboard paper market continued until May 2009, during which produces enterprise in order to reduce inventory and speed up the capital flow, and had to sell in the market the whiteboard paper, this has caused the whiteboard paper prices further down, finally fell to a record low of 4000 yuan/ton. Map paper market in May 2009, after the overall recovery, white board paper has entered a new round of price rise. In particular, because of paper industry in the whole industry and national economic climate index related degree, the largest map, stabilizing recovery so in wrapping paper demand growth is the most significant, which makes the price rise has been ahead of other paper products. Now the price of white board paper has more than 5000 yuan/ton, price stabilization. Map speed is relatively rational, whiteboard capacity expansion in the capacity of 2008 and 2009 growth rate of 14 respectively. 8% and 14. 4%, much lower than the other kinds of paper even nearly 30% during the period of growth, the current of collecting the whiteboard paper market in a balance of supply and demand situation, relevant enterprises and 2010 production capacity expansion project is less, map whiteboard paper prices in 2010 is expected to remain at the level of 5000 yuan/ton.
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