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White board paper has the excellent physical properties

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-18
White paper is a kind of positive white and smooth, many for grey board on the back of, the board is mainly used for single color printing is made after cartons used for packaging, or used in the design, handmade products. Below to introduce the whiteboard paper physical properties! 1, the degree of thickness thickness thickness according to the paper. 2, the degree of tightness refers to the quality of paper per unit volume, so others called density. Tightness is to use quantitative calculation and divided by the thickness, the unit is G/CM3. 3, smooth degree of smoothness is paper surface concave and convex degree evaluation features an indicator, it indicates the degree of paper surface level off is smooth. Smoothness, usually refers to the certain vacuum conditions, a certain volume of air pressure, through a certain area of the surface of the sample with the glass surface of the gap between the need of time, in seconds. 4, dust, dust is refers to the sheet surface visible to the naked eye, and the paper color has a significant difference between a black, yellow, dark yellow and brown brown impurities. Dust degree is to point to in a certain area is observed on the sample of the size of a certain area or a certain size range on the number of all the dust. Said all the dust number per square meter. Tensile strength - Paper under the effect of external force, the fiber is pulled, and deformation in the paper, when the external force to cancel, it is the paper's ability to return to original state is called the tensile strength of paper. Tensile strength and the moisture of the paper itself, moisture less paper hard brittle, great toughness moisture more paper. Tensile strength is related to the arrangement of fiber, paper longitudinal tensile strength. - folding degrees - - Paper by a tensile force, after folding back and forth to make its fracture, to represent the number of folded by the performance of paper folding. Compressibility - - - Paper by a certain pressure slightly compressed, after removal of external forces, the degree of the paper to restore the original state is called the compressibility. This is the size of the pressure. 6, whiteness refers to the paper by light irradiation after comprehensive reflection ability, namely, under the certain condition of test, the ratio of reflected light and the incident light. So it represents the paper of light, so called brightness.
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