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White board paper and copy paper is different

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-23
Now, copy paper and white paper in the mouth when ready to place a lot, but the material use also exist certain differences, then by the small make up to you under introduction: copy paper is a kind of produce difficulty fitting high advanced culture industry of paper, the major technical characteristics are: has high physical strength, excellent average degree and transparency, and good surface properties, fine sand, level off, smooth, no bubbles, good pleasant to print. Are usually made of white copy paper with different color and color copy paper, is one of the copy paper derived products, divided into two kinds: internal dyeing and closed. General printing paper production is divided into two basic process, pulp and paper pulp is to use the method of mechanical or chemical or combination of both methods dissociative variable capital pulp or plant fiber raw material pulp bleaching. Paper pulp fiber is suspended in the water, through a variety of processing combined into various requirements of the paper. Coated white board paper belongs to the category of packaging board, it is after the original cardboard coated white paint, after finishing machining made of cardboard, is mainly used for single color printing production after packaging. Its coated surface high whiteness, smoothness, mimeograph glossiness, and ink absorbency are good. Board itself but also has good stiffness and folding degree, not only for high quality color offset printing and gravure printing, also can content packaging requirements, the production of high-grade goods packing box put it as a high quality material. Whiteboard paper board quality of a material is more closely, degree of thickness are, on average, that's because fibrous tissue is average, it is because have packing and composition of the surface layer, and the surface coated with a coating, through many stick pressure light processing. Are often relatively smooth white paper, ink absorbency is relatively average, the phenomenon of the surface of wool powder off is less, also has a good degree of folding, paper is relatively strong. But will affect printing, its moisture content is higher, usually at around ten percent, has certain scale.
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