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What to do if it is incomplete laminated paperboard delivery?
Contact our Customer Service Department immediately. When examining the products, customers need to pay attention to the quantity and condition of the goods. Once customers find something wrong with the goods especially the number of products is not consistent with the number agreed upon by both parties. Here are the detailed solutions to the problems mentioned above. Firstly, take photos of products as proof. Then, send all proof to any of our staff like after-sales persons and designers. Thirdly, please be specific how many products you have received and how many products you still need. After we are clear about everything, we will see about every process from products checking, products shipping out of the factory, to products in transit. Once we determine the causes of insufficient goods, we will notify you and take corresponding measures to satisfy you.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer. We have many years' experience in designing and producing high-quality velvet cardboard sheets. NEW BAMBOO PAPER focuses on providing a variety of grey paper board for customers. The product features proper sizes. The external toe cap length and the length from heel to toe are all typically measured by inspectors. The product is available in both sheets and reels. Sales network in NEW BAMBOO PAPER has been extended in all directions. The product can be used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and stationery industries.

The NEW BAMBOO PAPER brand is committed to being a vision of a competitive manufacturer. Please contact us!
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