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What Should We Know When using Black Card Paper In Printing ?


Black card paper is pure black, which is mainly used for some special processing, such as UV bronzing, embossing and so on.Our black cardboard has the most competitive price and high quality and are widely used in the manufacturing of high-standard perfume boxes, all kinds of gift boxes, paper bags and photo albums. Our factory can produce products of different thickness, roll size or sheet size. All of our black paper board are suitable for silk printing.


One side coated black with one side uncoated black,30% wood pulp+70%PCW recycled pulp,good quality best price.

Features: Uniform color, all black, no white spots on the surface, fine paper, good stiffness, good tensile.

 strength, high resistance to breakage, no fading, smooth and flat paper surface, good folding resistance.

Black card paper hot spot gold smaller open mold more accurate.Black cardboard used to make printed label chopsticks sets, printed label tote bags or other packaging products, the main thing is that he and his white paper difference is very big, in the above hot designed gold is only gold color different spacing is small, they need to operate on the second edition, tianshan paper workshop practice shows that only to walk this way according to the process to design the perfect present.Don't save money by not opening a set of molds.Only mark the chopsticks cover, handbag and other work to the best.

In addition, if the printing spot red on black card paper will be covered by ink absorption, not obvious.The same is true for other spot colors.Can only print gold or silver (special gold silver ink).

In the process of application, over - colorless UV is an option, can also be hot stamping the whole series of gold foil.Scald gold, silver, scald kaleidoscope series, scald pearlescent series are OK, in addition, colorless concave and convex is also very OK, the knife plate die cutting compound is not a problem to frame what also.

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