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What is white board?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-18
White paper is a kind of positive white and smooth, much for grey board on the back, the board is mainly used for single color printing is made after cartons used for packaging. White paper is magnanimous size of 78 respectively. 7cm*109. 2 cm, and 88. 9cm*119. 4 cm, or produce other specifications as stipulated in the order of the contract or the web. Usually have a roll and flat, it can according to customer demand, at the same time have a slitting machines and rewinding machine, can according to customer requirements to cutting drum paper for you. Whiteboard paper because fibre evenly, packing and the cause of the rubber surface, and the surface coated with some paint, and through multiple roll calender processed, so the quality of a material of cardboard more closely, thickness is uniform, the paper generally compare white and smooth, with a uniform ink absorbency, and dropping off powder surface phenomenon is very few, paper is tough and has good folding degree, but the moisture content is higher, generally around 10%, there is a certain scale, it brings the certain effect to printing. Bailian star paper here by the way, give us the white board paper and coated paper, offset paper, the difference between the halftone paper is paper, degree of heavy, thick paper.
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