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What is the relationship of waste paper and grey board price?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-16
As is known to all, a large grey board paper mill waste outside have a lot of cheap, without consideration of the raw material cost, on the basis of full load operation to ensure that minimize the cost of the grey board, and at 100000 tons and above has its own storage capacity to reduce the cost of finished product storage. Current in traditional wrapping paper before the season, the large paper mill inventories rose to high. For a large paper mill, high inventory is the important reason of restricting its price adjustment. Medium and small paper mills because outside waste quota is limited, rely mainly on the high scrap for production, and the medium and small paper mills lack of finished paper market bargaining power, so use fast forward more quickly, the management method of cash is king, inventory is relatively low, but the market raw material price fluctuations and large paper mill adjustment in the price of the finished product, profit margins are squeezed. The scrap price for middle and small paper mills was the important cause of limiting its finished paper price adjustment. Based on the analysis of the above two points, we in guangdong, for example, lists different levels paper mill grey board between our price and scrap raw material price data found that the following rules: 1. Grey board price overall follow the scrap price fluctuations, large paper mills grey board price is relatively stable, while the medium and small paper mills grey board price volatility significantly larger, and better able to follow the scrap prices; 1. Medium and small paper mills grey board price fluctuation is more sensitive and rapid, and large-scale paper mills grey board price follow after the medium and small paper mills to adjust 2. Grey board price adjustment than there are 4 - waste paper raw material price adjustment 6 days of lag. The above data shows that the current large paper mills grey board cost price stability, do not need to be subject to rapid and significant adjustments to price of grey board, bear the brunt of predominantly off-season consumption inventory psychological expectations; Also verified the medium and small paper factory inventories low, cost is affected by raw material price fluctuations, the finished paper prices through faster, cash is king survival mode.
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