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What is? The FSC (copy paper Can be used for printing)

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-22
Key words: FSC copy paper, FSC tissue paper, FSC copy base paper, FSC tissue paper printing, paper printing decorated paper copy paper such as FSC paper printing use way of printing is heat transfer printing, thermal transfer is a kind of indirect transfer special gravure printing, is a relatively modern printing process. Modern thermal transfer printing ink with special first, there is a requirement of printing base paper, paper requires flexibility is good, we usually use the base paper for super white copy paper, printing for 17 g - g 65 grams, the FSC copy paper printing way: we copy paper printing way for gravure printing, printing ink from a concave surface is passed on to the paper, the graphic on the gravure section below or in a plate surface. In the process of printing, the printing surface coated with ink first, then wipe clean the surface of copper plate, so that leaves in the concave part of printing ink. Paper then pressure on printing copperplate paper, ink will transfer to the paper. White copy paper paper is soft, it can bend and stretch to the concave part of the copper plate. Paper drum gravure printing advantage: general for offset printing and copy paper printing machine drum gravure printing, both their respective advantages, drum flexo printing machine relative to the flat printing of the main advantage is that fast printing speed, fine effect, can print multicolor, our printer is drum flexo printing presses, monochrome is most the breadth to print to 1. 2 m, depending on the machine configuration can be printed 1 - commonly 6 color, relatively than the drum flexo printing the price also slightly more, customers can according to your request printing different brand LOGO, so big in raising the grade of the product, so the current reel printing has been becoming more and more common, flexo printing machine can print the reel drum - 15 120 g paper thin material, general common cotton paper, copy paper, paper, glossy paper and other printing copy paper USES with now's rapid economic growth, on the grade of the product are more and more high, the appearance of the product also is more and more people pay attention to the packing. FSC copy paper printing main use: apparel packaging, pants, shoes, bags, leather goods, packaging, red wine, white wine, high-grade, high-grade fruit vegetables, tea, tobacco, high-end toys, crafts, Christmas gifts, gift box lined with lining, handbags, hardcover books, etc
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