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What is the FSC color copy paper and FSC color copy paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-04
What is called the FSC copy paper and what is the purpose of the FSC copy paper copy paper also called snow pear, moistureproof paper, it is a paper so it is difficult to produce the advanced cultural industry, the technical characteristics of the product are mainly: logistics has strong strength, good evenness and transparency and good surface properties, and fine and smooth, level off, smooth, no blister, has the good comfortable sex, is also a very important kind of packing paper thin. FSC copy paper widely use: one, can be used for fruit packaging, copy paper in the north of fruit packaging industry belongs to the main fruit packaging materials, mainly used for packing snow pear, an orange packaging, namely the name is snow pear paper 2, can be used for red wine, leather goods, shoes, bags, shirts, craft gifts, hardware, such as packaging, it has protection, moistureproof, finalize the design, breathable, made in southern China also belong to one of the most important packaging materials in packaging industry. Third, the copy paper can be used in the printing industry, 17 g copy paper with good hardness, flexibility, can be monochrome printing, two color, three color, four color - Six color, printed on company trademarks and LOGO, can also be dyed red, yellow, gold, silver, etc. The above news editorial by dongguan paper company whole set, paper is a professional manufacturer of copy paper and copy paper color printing factory, company has been adhering to the 'day for sincere, letter, however '{ To people-oriented, customer for the honor, the pursuit of excellence, to achieve win-win} , of the enterprise purpose, with professional team, sincere service concept, to provide customers the best quality products, first-class service, to achieve the win-win situation, the paper makes full use of the resources advantage, strive to provide the highest cost-effective products, achieve mutual benefit and harmonious win-win with customers, forming a long-term cooperative partnership.
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