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What is the FSC certification board

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-04
FSC paper certification is currently the world's most influential forest certification, because China's forest products export is mainly geared to the needs of environmental protection consciousness is very strong in Europe and the developed countries, there is no labeled with FSC forest certification of products, even if again no matter how high the price is low, quality is difficult to get the favour of consumer, did you get 'green label' products, will lose the market competitive advantage or eventually will be out of the international market. For export-oriented timber processing enterprises, forest certification in the chain of custody certification have tangible bring its benefits, it can help enterprises to open up new markets, to maintain the existing market share with customers, sales, to obtain international recognition on the ecological and social, improve the corporate image and market advantages, and guide the further development of the enterprise. FSC paper with the FSC paper in terms of quality is the same, the difference is the source of the paper is from the 'sustainable development, legal and allow logging of forest resources'. Dongguan paper co. , LTD. , founded in 2004, after more than ten years of hard business, has accumulated a solid strength and resources, form a complete set of service system, in 2012 through the SGS certification technology service co. , LTD. , to obtain the FSC - COC's licence, certificate number: BV - COC - 116962 dongguan a secure FSC certificate of one of the manufacturers
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