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What is the FSC cardboard

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-24
FSC: forestry management association FSC - COC: chain monitoring forestry management association. FSC is to implement the participate in forest conservation and sustainable forest management and to ensure that using only paper derived from well-run forests, if it is a paper company in accordance with the following illegal way as raw material is not receive FSC certification: 1. Illegal settlers cut trees. 2. Three trees from the violation of human rights and the practice of forest. Trees from the forest of Gao Baocun value 4. Made of natural forest to planting the trees of the forest five. Genetically modified trees based on the above content, we can know that the FSC paper is organized by the FSC certification paper!

what is the FSC black paper FSC black paper mainly consists of environmental polyester with advanced dye dozen blade production and become, FSC black cardboard can absolutely recycling, no pollution, no off color, two colors in the middle layer part is black color, glossy paper takes three press process, through the boiler internal and external drying technology, makes the paper surface is smooth, smooth, uniform blackness, FSC black cardboard for all wood pulp black cardboard, a gram weight is 80 g - shaping up 450 grams, USES: can be used in the photo frame backplane, high-grade album covers, photo album inside pages, tag elevator, paper handbag, invitation CARDS, card production, the production of notebooks, etc.
cardboard pop strength depends on the burst strength of cardboard boxes and cardboard pop strength mainly depends on the papermaking fibre length. Fiber binding force and the way of sheet evenness and drying.
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