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What is the double grey board and double what is the advantage of grey board?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-23
2018 - 06 - 7 pairs of gray board is a kind of relatively thick board, light quality, structure, performance is good, the television packing for packaging, air conditioning, instant noodles, such as food packaging, for the most part, are using double carton is made of grey board and, he is a kind of paper container, mainly used for the outer packing goods and protect the goods, the double grey board into the carton to have the effect of impingement shock absorption, and moisture, heat dissipation is more easy to carry, sealing strapping is particularly convenient, can adapt to various types of carton packaging printing, also can be recycled after use, special environmental protection. Outside the double grey board printing on the map on the tall illustrations and words, etc. , can also have very good marketing effects on product, so the double grey board is now most of the materials used in packaging products.
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