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What is the distinguishing feature of white cardboard bag? With other handbags than have what advantage?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-24
White cardboard production of handbags is one of the most luxury handbags, its characteristic is: white cardboard strength is the highest of all handbags handbags, this is determined by the physical properties of the white cardboard, designers usually will this bag used in high-end clothing or commodity. Paper is exquisite compared with white paper bag, white cardboard bag significantly is exquisite, feel so, white cardboard bag was particularly elegant. White cardboard with good printing eligibility, the designer can bold use all kinds of design methods. White paper bag is the highest cost in bag. White paper bag: qianshan mountain paper packing: white paper is also making bag commonly used materials. Made of white board paper bag strength is larger, can some have a certain weight of commodity, designers often use white paper for garment bag, the specification is usually split or fully open bag. Due to the white board paper printing eligibility, therefore, is suitable for printing text, lines or colors. The whiteboard paper strength is bigger, can not coated, therefore, the cost is lower, is a more affordable handbags.
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