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What is the difference between the white board and sketch paper?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-23
1 is a kind of positive paper were white and smooth, back to grey board, this board used in single color printing is made after cartons used for packaging, or used in the design, handmade products. 2 sketch in addition to the white paper, paper and pale gray. General use of sketch paper belongs to the pencil and paper. Thicker paper, paper texture coarse, paper is close-grained, easy to wipe the modification; Rough texture, easy to show lines touch tone changes. Painting sketch paper easier than white board paper mainly paper 2113, general printing white board paper surface coated with certain 5261 coating is white and smooth, suitable for manual class 4102 1653; Sketch paper is paper lines on paper fluctuation is large, suitable for pencil and charcoal color. The characteristics of white board paper: two categories, one kind is special printing, means 'white board paper'. The other one is especially applicable to the whiteboard writing pad ( Also known as the 'paper') 。 White paper ( The printing) White and smooth, the opposite is grey board, more this board is mainly used for single color printing is made after cartons used for packaging, or used in the design, handmade products. White paper is made up of a variety of plant fiber interweave each other and become a reticular structure, in this kind of mesh structure, pore between fiber and then add some filler, rubber, ink to meet should have the characteristics of the paper itself. Join the packing is to improve the paper whiteness, smoothness, opacity; Join the rubber is to make the paper has certain water resistance, not easily by water or other liquid infiltration; Add pigment, make the white paper have higher whiteness. Whiteboard paper pore structure is the basis of the paper can absorb ink, is one of the key factors for newspaper printing crystal permeability dry. White paper ( Stationery class) Is a pile of paper, mainly is suitable for the workshop, workshop, conference, such as size slightly smaller than 1. A variety of specifications, common are: 560 mm * 850 mm, 600 mm * 900 mm. White paper is in the process of learning or meeting one of the necessary stationery visualization. Is an important part of # whiteboard system, can talking and writing. A complete set of whiteboard system, which is composed of white board ( And the difference between the board, it is white) , white board ( Stand up when writing purposes) , whiteboard pen ( Can erase the ink, the difference between the marker pen/oily pen) , white board paper, etc. The whiteboard system is the important tool of visualization in adult learning situations. Features: sketch paper is between printing paper and kraft paper, thickness of medium. The two face a relatively coarse, suitable for pencil and charcoal color. Beginners often use 8 open size, skilled after open in 4, after reaching a certain level of useful half or 1. Sketch paper now domestic brand of 'big' this brand of paper paper if sketch is good, foreign words like canson is also good, is relatively expensive many, price is not high. A lot of people have different requirements on paper, noting each brand also has a lot of the kinds of drawing paper, selected according to different needs. Nature of the white colour and lustre, long face painting the picture for your eyes better, need a high whiteness paper chooses not to dark heavy, animation.
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