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What is the difference between the FSC cardboard with ordinary cardboard?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-29
Essentially from gray paper material, it makes no difference, but from the source of gray paper materials, raw material is used in the FSC cardboard through controlled, namely can be traced back to the FSC paper board, the raw material comes from where, in the chain of custody, it is able to follow strict forest management system standard of paper mill, pulp mill, timber, furniture, floor factory certification, such as the wood materials, and to prove that their products use paper and cardboard materials from sustainable development, legal and allow logging of forest resources. Paper runs the advantage of FSC cardboard paper co. , LTD in dongguan dongguan cardboard sales company first brand, the national well-known enterprises, after more than ten years to people-oriented, to customers for the purpose, formed a complete set of one-stop service system, in 2013 passed the FSC certification, certificate number is: BV - COC - 116962, become one of the company of dongguan rarely get FSC certification.
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