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What is the difference between paper introduces white paper and white cardboard?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-12
Paper introduces, in copy paper printing education version should learn to control the amount of liquid. CaiBao printing, the amount of water in the first color group is decided to newsprint suction expansion on the main factors affecting the accuracy, this is the premise of guarantee the quality of color newspaper used minimum quantity. It is best to use the color with tower in printing press rotary offset press, because between the four color printing paper road is short, newsprint absorbent telescopic deformation to overprint precision is affected, to improve accuracy. In addition, the paper introduces, can't be too dry, otherwise it's water quantity is larger, the expansion rate is high, the effects on accuracy is big; And newsprint brittle and break easily when printing paper, is also easier with static electricity. White paper is a kind of positive white and smooth, much for grey board on the back, the board is mainly used for single color printing is made after cartons used for packaging. White paper is magnanimous size is 787 mm * 1092 mm, or produce other specifications as stipulated in the contracts or roll of paper. Due to fibrous tissue paper analysis, white board paper is evener, surface layer has the packing and the composition of the rubber, and the surface coated with paint, and through multiple roll calender processing, so the quality of a material of cardboard more closely, thickness is uniform, the paper generally is white and smooth, with a uniform ink absorbency, and dropping off powder surface phenomenon, less paper is strong and has a good degree of folding, but its water content is higher, generally around 10%, there is a certain scale, this print will bring certain influence.
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