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What is the difference between kraft paper and paperboard

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-06
In the life, often use carton, this kind of paper demand is very big. And this kind of paper is dominated by cattle paperboard and kraft paper. So someone will not understand, what is the difference between kraft paper and paperboard. Many people understand the kraft paper is a common packing paper, as for craft paper often have some misunderstanding, let China paper net below small make up detailed introduce to you, help you to understand the difference between kraft paper and paperboard. In fact, craft paper is kraft paper, their material is composed of sulfate coniferous wood pulp manufacture paper with pulp. Cattle paperboard gram is relatively high, thickness is bigger also, for craft paper thin light is called a kraft paper. So the nature of these two kinds of paper are the same, some all for cattle paperboard paper to paper, this idea is wrong. Cattle paperboard is introduced: craft paper is brown more, according to the varieties division consists of ordinary cattle paperboard, single cattle paperboard. Often used in printing and packaging, cartons, clothing, hardware, building materials, electronics, food and other manufacturers of packing. Kraft paper introduces: kraft paper, with the strength of the tenacity, tan brown in colour, after half bleached and fully bleached kraft paper can also be rendered as cream or white. Kraft paper, the tensile strength and dynamic strength is high, flexibility, resistance to wear. Main application is very extensive. Often used with paper bags, exercise books, envelopes, etc. Kraft paper and paperboard, in general, the difference is the points: the difference between a, weight: the weight of the paper in more than 150 g can be called the cattle paperboard, conversely for kraft paper. Thickness of thick for cattle paperboard, vice for kraft paper. So the hardness of cattle paperboard than kraft paper. 2, USES the difference: craft paper is mainly used for some big manufacturers, used as a product of transport packaging. The kraft paper is mainly used in paper bags, envelopes, exercise books and so on in their lives. Three, the price difference: because the thickness of the kraft paper and paperboard is different, so, if calculated according to unit a cattle paperboard is more expensive on kraft paper. But if calculated in accordance with the unit fold or tons, is the opposite. Because cattle paperboard thicker, it need to deal with the surface of The Times is the less, so the cost will be low.
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