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What is the difference between color printing carton and watermarking carton?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-07
Question: what is the difference between color printing carton and watermark? Color printing carton generally refers to the offset printing paper carton, apply to the exquisite color printing, use PS plate printing, printing paper is coated paper or white board paper, the surface is smooth, plus a plastic or UV oil processing, which can protect the ink from the fiber, and can become the surface brighter or darker is a kind of special high-grade effect. Watermarking carton with resin version or rubber version, printing precision, suitable for ordinary outside packing, common single color or double color printing, the surface does not make processing, printing office paper is kraft paper, commonly, rough surface. In addition, the color is gorgeous, color is fine, but the relative price is higher, can choose to buy according to actual situation.
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