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What is the commonly used imported white cardboard? What is the distinguishing feature of purpose?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-19
White cardboard is A relatively thick solid white paperboard made of pure wood pulp with high quality, the calender or embossing process, it is mainly used for packaging decoration printing substrates, divided into A, B, C level 3, quantitative - in 210 400g/㎡。 Mainly used for printing name card, invitation card, certificate, logo, and packaging decoration, etc. Have domestic and imported, today we import white cardboard together to get to know what? What do you usually do? White card commonly used imported white cardboard 1, Sweden, a 'Rolls-Royce' paper jam. Long fiber and multi-layer coating, folding, easy printing, good processing. Book covers, exquisite packaging fine material. Sweden imported double-sided coated white card commonly used g: 220 grams, 220 grams, 240 grams, 280 grams, 300 grams, 350 grams. Commonly used specifications: 787 * 1092 mm, 889 * 1194 mm. Features: coated paper, printed after the full level of colorful. Purpose: apparel sample brochures, jewelry. 2, the Netherlands, white cardboard, its colour and lustre is pure white as one of its biggest characteristic, and the paper strength, loved by the masses of customers. Commonly used g number: 180 g, 240 g, 315 g commonly used specifications: 787 * 1092, 889 * 1194 ( mm) Drum can reel color: 787 or 889 mm high white/white the features: this product is a pure white imported art card, smooth surface, good printing optimum printing, perfect lifelike, colour and lustre is gentle nature. 100% without salt pulp bleaching, acid, neutral, to save for a long time after printing. USES: mainly used in high-grade business CARDS, books, annual reports, brochures, tags, building book photography, etc. Graffiti, message, bookmarks, baby to read, draw, write the word, and so on.
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