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What fields is coated duplex board manufacturers applied in?
Duplex board manufacturer is broadly applied. It has impact on the world and the life. The functions may be expanded and the application would be more extended. The application is part of market research conducted with you. It needs to be considered together with local market demand.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd is a premier supplier based in China. We design and manufacture foam grey board with dependable and friendly services. NEW BAMBOO PAPER is mainly engaged in the business of what is black paper and other product series. foam board paper is novel in design and compact in structure. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and is well received by customers. The product features proper stability. It is achieved with cushioning, medial support and with a semi-curved or curved last: it supports foot movement. The product can be used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and stationery industries.

With the support of our professionals, NEW BAMBOO PAPER has enough confidence to make foil cake board. Contact us!
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