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What are the factor the influence forming of thin sheet of paper?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-19
Affect tissue paper forming technology is an important problem of raw material choice: the original fiber or secondary fiber. Used in the production of consumption of the tissue paper fibrils hardwood fibers (mainly Mainly according to the wood) And the coniferous wood fiber used for reinforcement. Fibrils has the characteristic such as high strength, good flexibility, while secondary fiber strength and softness are poor. Secondary fiber can be used in the production of commercial and industrial use tissue paper, can also be used to manufacture paper with pulp paper napkins and paper towels. More the development of the laminar plasma box, as in a single product at the same time use the original fiber and secondary fiber provides the opportunity to make the final product has the versatility. In large laminar plasma cases, generally by two kinds of ingredients with two layers or three layers of paper fiber combination to form a single layer. Such as the single thin sheet of paper for different fiber layer, three laminar plasma box can be used for preparing the top and the bottom for the wood pulp and middle for coniferous wood pulp, sheet. According to the wood pulp products provide flexibility, coniferous wood pulp layer provides the necessary sheet strength. For middle and secondary fiber coniferous wood with hardwood raw fiber for the top and bottom, manufacture paper with pulp with the necessary flexibility and has the required strength of the paper is increasingly attention. Also can produce double sheet of different fiber layer, each layer from the top ( Kuo) , middle ( Kuo) And the underlying ( Needle) Of the double layer for coniferous wood pulp sheet. The double-layer structure of the pages in the following order is composed of six floors: broadleaf hardwood, coniferous wood, wood, coniferous wood, hardwood, hardwood. Besides using large laminar plasma cases, dilute concentration distribution technology can reduce the sheet quantitative change, this technique can be easily to modify existing paper machine after use. Especially for large laminar plasma cases, using the dilute concentration distribution technology, quantitative distribution can change from 2. 0% ~ 25% reduce to 1. 0%. Quantitative fluctuations, reduce page copy out the uniform sheet, at the same time also can reduce many operational problems.
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