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What about NEW BAMBOO PAPER delivery accuracy?
NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd ensures that each delivery is at least 99% accurate. The thorough test is made on the finished product to ensure that the quality meets the standards. In the customized service, we will exchange ideas with you to ensure that the product meets the requirements.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER is one of the leading manufacturers of pe coated paper sheets in China. We have the required experience and expertise. NEW BAMBOO PAPER is mainly engaged in the business of velvet cardboard sheets and other product series. The unique design makes NEW BAMBOO PAPER foil board stand out among similar products. The product has received positive feedback from customers from South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India. The product maintains its flexibility at low temperatures. Due to its amorphous molecular structure, the low temperature has little effect on its properties. It is water-proof and of premium folding resistance.

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