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Use the cardboard materials needed to make paper bags?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-21
There are many kinds of paper bag, paper variety of materials, design also many. According to the material can be divided into: white cardboard, white board paper bags, paper bags on paper bags, paper bags, kraft paper, and a small amount of specialty paper manufacturing. According to the side of bag, and at the bottom of the back cover different ways: a stick opening seam bottom bags, opening Angle suture bag bag, valve type, valve type flat hexagonal side bottom glue bag and so on four kind of paper bag type. According to his hands and the ways of digging hole: NKK ( Punch lacing) 钠钾共晶合金( No hole with rope, divided into no fold and standards have mouth fold type) DCK ( Cordless hand bag body dug hole) BBK ( Tongue mouth not punching) 。 According to different purposes of: including file cover, envelope, tote bags, cement bags, feed bags, paper bags, fertilizer bags, paper bags, paper bags, four layers membrane medicine bag, garment bag, food bag, shopping bag, gift bag, wine bag of water. Purpose is different, the design of the specifications of the size, including the thickness of the paper bag paper have many requirements.
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