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Understand the industry of gray paper and paper board have what different?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-24
In addition to color, what is the difference between gray paper and white cardboard? Here with all of you make a brief introduction of gray paper manufacturer. Gray paper by MianJiang copy and each layer bottom slurry into the system, its structure is mainly divided into the bottom, the core layer, lining, coating and surface parts. Gray paper bottom color to grey, composed of waste newspapers after deinking, so at the bottom of the component is very complex; Surface is white, is a layer of kaolin powder adhesives, chemical raw materials such as mixture of thin coating surface. The outer layer ( Coating surface) High whiteness, ink absorbency, smoothness and gloss printing are good, and stiffness of the paper itself also has the very good folding. Grey board surface after coating treatment, the surface has made great improve performance, can meet the requirements of high quality color printing, is in high-grade goods packaging material of high quality. White cardboard is a kind of relatively thick, strong white paperboard, using 100% bleached sulphate wood pulp as raw material, after beating YouLiZhuang, higher degree of sizing, 5 mm) , add the white packing, such as talcum powder and barium sulfate in the long nets manufacture paper with pulp on paper machine, and the pressure or embossing process, made of a light. General for one-side coated white cardboard, mainly on the market is divided into two kinds of sBS and FBB one. The first with bleached chemical pulp as raw material, two layer structure, characterized by high whiteness, but equally quantitative stiffness and thickness of the cardboard is poorer; For bleached chemical pulp as a surface and the bottom board, and by mechanical pulp as raw material to form the middle layer, the formation of three layers of structure of the board, its characteristic is under the condition of the same quantitative, thickness, high hardness, good, good die-cutting and crease effect thereby. As for the paper itself, besides the reason of the above paper whiteness, smoothness, glossiness, and absorbency of paper is also very important factors. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.
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