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Understand better the structure of white board paper, use the whiteboard paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-22
A few years ago the white paper is made up of MianJiang and each layer bottom slurry dryer machine or slotted in rotary screen net machine manufacture paper with pulp mixing board, but with the progress of papermaking technology, at present mostly adopts the folding machine, rotary screen paper machine has been eliminated slowly. Paste is generally divided into MianJiang ( The surface) , lining ( On the second floor) , core plasma ( Three layer) , back pulp ( Four layers) , the layers of pulp fiber ratio is different, and the layers of pulp fiber ratio, and according to the quality of the copy paper. The first layer of the surface plasma, which requires high whiteness, have a certain strength, usually by bleached sulphate wood pulp, or with addition of some bleaching chemical straw and paper waste paper pulp; The 2nd is lining, have the effect of isolation layer and core layer, also requires a certain whiteness, usually with 100% mechanical wood pulp or waste paper pulp; light color The third layer for core layer, the main filling effect, in order to increase the thickness of the cardboard, to improve the stiffness, generally USES the mixed waste pulp or straw, this layer is the most thick, quantitative high board commonly used several net trough points several times to hang pulp; The last layer is the bottom, have improve the look of the board, increase strength, prevent curl functions, usually with a high yield pulp or better as raw material to manufacture paper with pulp and paper pulp board more than bottom color gray, can also according to the requirements in the production of other background color.
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