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Types and Applications of Cardboard Packaging Box


Retailers and other consumers of packaging material have high expectations and now often want specific, retail-ready boxes that can come in all shapes and sizes to fit a particular environments.

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Manufacturers and providers of box packaging products have responded to this by tailoring a range of products to suit client needs.

Types of Paper Sheet

Paper sheet ranges are environmentally friendly and are made from trees in sustainable forests and from recycled grey cardboard sheets and retailers now expect this as standard. Paper sheet products incorporate single and multi-layer paperboard and are machine produced to various grades. Paperboard is durable and thicker than ordinary paper and is economical for businesses and helps to cut down on plastic and other materials used in some types of packaging. 

Paper Sheet Products

Paperboard sheets are used in a diverse range of industries from food and beverages to furniture packing. In addition paper sheet products are utilised in healthcare and retail sectors, not to mention creative industries such as arts and crafts provision, as well as for individual use. Paper board suppliers are now expected to provide a bespoke service that responds to specific customer requirements and business needs and it pays to be ahead of the game.

Retail-ready Paper Products

When assessing the best type of cardboard paper sheets for producing cardboard boxes suitable for customers, some key pointers to consider are as follows:

Retail-ready: understand exactly what the customer wants and ensure you have a specific brief in order to provide a bespoke product that is practically ready to go and can be shelf-ready very quickly.

Suppliers: keep your suppliers in mind and closely aligned to your requests, and ensure you have customers’ detailed specifications about dimensions and materials at your disposal.

Perforations: getting this right will ensure the package has optimum strength and is robust, and a good back-up is to ensure your packaging design works with equipment you use for packaging. Preparation is everything and will ensure that major issues do not arise from something that seems minor.

Do the research: check that the instructions you provide are very simple and understandable, and test this out to see if you can improve on the design and instructions or both! Keep honing this until you have a customer-friendly product that is perfect in terms of graphics, instructions and assembly detail.

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