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The winter of choose and buy the FSC paper printing need what to problem note?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-21
Winter season for paper industry, it is not so good, the weather is dry, the temperature is low. In order to adapt to seasonal climate change, to avoid the external environment factors change gift boxes production factory cause unnecessary trouble and loss, which affects our cardboard raw materials factory, printing factory can use according to the actual situation into account and the physical properties of the base paper for reasonable adjustment, to improve its usability, but need to pay attention to some skills in the process of production, in order to jointly improve the quality of products. A, purchase the FSC cardboard should be stored in indoor, avoid stored in outdoor; Products should be 24 hours before printing to printing workshop, printing workshop temperature, humidity and paper to reach equilibrium, the temperature of the workshop can be kept at 15 - Can keep in 50-20 ℃, humidity 60%. Second, because the winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big, the weather is dry, paper moisture loss to appear warping phenomenon easily. Therefore, after open the paper packaging, as much as possible to shorten the time exposed. After printing, with PE film, prevent the product deformation. Three, in the FSC paper printing, oil, and dry process, the water content of base paper lose, paper surface crack is produced. Can increase the width of the line and adjust the depth of the pipeline, or humidifying to workshop, such as spraying water around the cardboard, to increase the humidity in the air. Fourth, in the winter, when the temperature decrease and ink viscosity increases, easy to cause problems, such as poor inking and printing blister can add some ink additives such as additives to improve the applicability.
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