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The whiteboard paper features, you know?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-19
The characteristics of white board paper generally refers to its suitable for use in printing, printing eligibility, contains the in some performance characteristics in the process of transportation and storage. And the printing eligibility refers to the necessary conditions, copy of a certain quality of printed matter should possess physical and chemical comprehensive reflection. White board paper must reflect the nature of the best printing quality and color effect. Paper in the process of drum operation, can make the plate on the adsorption of ink successfully transferred to the surface, to obtain a complete, full, clear hierarchy rich graphic imprinting. White board paper printing eligibility includes: the pore structure and the absorbency of paper; Paper smoothness and compressibility; The surface strength of paper. The paper acid alkali and the moisture content of paper and scalability. White paper is made up of a variety of plant fiber interweave each other and become a reticular structure, in this kind of mesh structure, pore between fiber and then add some filler, rubber, ink to meet should have the characteristics of the paper itself. Join the packing is to improve the paper whiteness, smoothness, opacity; Join the rubber is to make the paper has certain water resistance, not easily by water or other liquid infiltration; Add pigment, make the white paper have higher whiteness. Whiteboard paper pore structure is the basis of the paper can absorb ink, is one of the key factors for newspaper printing crystal permeability dry. Therefore, to understand the absorbency of paper, you must first understand the pore structure of paper. Because osmotic quantity of white the pore structure of paper and ink, seepage velocity, print smoothness, ink penetration of frozen and dry, and print quality has a close relationship. Whiteboard paper mainly includes the paper porosity, pore structure of the void fraction of paper said in the paper the ratio of air volume and the volume of paper, paper of the void fraction can be obtained by calculation method and experimental measurement. White paper of the air inside the void ratio = paper volume ( Per unit area) The volume/paper. Per unit area) X100 % from the above equation, the white paper inside the volume of air, the greater the showed that white board paper porosity is higher, it also verifies the whiteboard paper pore structure of the situation, the less paper fiber, mixed more hydrophobic, the greater the gap between the fiber and whiteboard paper pore structure is the worse. On the contrary, the paper fiber, the more intertwined, the smaller the gap between fiber, white board paper pore structure, the better. Paper printing ink solidification and drying is increased with the increase of void fraction is accelerated, the absorbency also increases, but on paper ink gloss is decreases with the increase of void fraction. White paper with pore structure, white board paper porous structure determines the permeability, hygroscopicity, absorption and compressibility, this paper can absorb water, ink and other material basis. In order to ensure good printing quality and printing effect, need printing paper has good absorbency. Whiteboard ink absorbency of paper is paper contact with ink and ink transfer to the paper surface, ink seep into the nature of the white board and be absorbed. Paper porosity is larger, the more loose structure, the more the amount of ink absorption, the opposite less, this is what we often call the reasons of the poor white paper good absorbency.
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