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The use of black paper board


Black cardboard new product ——electro - acoustic black card paper

Characteristics of paper: good interlaminar adhesion, Stamping without stratification , Good smoothness of paper.

Thickness: 0.19mm, 0.5mm to 0.8mm, 0 . 19 mm available, Other thickness can be customized .

application: electronic gasket .

The use of black cardboard is very extensive and has its place in photography

Why use black card paper?

In general, a black paper board can be used when a part of a photo has too much light (such as sky and ground) and is exposed for a long time. The most common is to use a black card at sunrise or sunset and at night, Because the sky and the ground exposure value is not the same, If you only measure and expose light to the level of light, the dark part will become a black silhouette, So that all the dark details are lost. Conversely, if you only measure and expose to dark areas, the light level will be overexposed. So that photos lose the degree of saturation and level, and the use of black card will be able to solve this problem.

How to use black card paper?

The usage of black card is very simple.  We only need to measure the light in the upper and lower parts before shooting, and then work out the difference. In other words, the difference between the upper exposure time and the lower exposure time.Then remove the hood and use the black cardboard to block the proper part. From top to bottom, close to the lens before the mirror, cover to the bright position. In this way, the light level can be obscured by the black card.

Black card paper

As shown in the figure above, the sky part needs to be exposed for 1 second, while the ground takes 10 seconds, which covers the upper part of the lens (that is, the part of the sky) for 9 seconds. When you remove the black card, you can get 10 seconds of exposure on the ground and only one second in the sky. In this way, we can achieve the desired effect, keeping the details of the dark and light bits intact.

Can Black Papar Board be printed ?

There is black paper board with grey back , C1S black cardboard paper and C2S Blackc paper board for the black paper board . Same as duplex board ,thick and firm,It has a high degree of stiffness and smoothness.And the characteristic for black paper board is exquisite, paper cores is black .Black paper board is widely used in making paper bag ,gift boxes ,hangtag sticker. Since the black paper board is special paper ,is pure black ,so if it is printed on its other colors are invisible ,not suitable for printing. But ,black paper board can carry on other process processing ,such as UV,Hot Staming , laser treatment ,and so on .

Visually give a person a kind of high-grade atmospher visual Sense if the Black paper board is Hot Treatment.

It is the common packaging paper in the daily life. Black paper board is also often used in drawing artworks ,On black card paper with water powder sketch, give a person a kind of different aesthetic feeling!

You can try it if you have time ~

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