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The structure of the corrugated shallow duplex board

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-07
Single composite white board is a kind of relatively a paper production process technical requirement is higher. And today we are going to share about corrugated duplex board structure - — Honeycomb. Corrugated duplex board used the honeycomb structure, combines both the advantages of honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard each, and make up for the defect of the cushioning property of honeycomb paperboard under low stress, improves the marginal pressure strength of honeycomb paperboard at the same time, the roughness of the overall package also improved, feeling giving a person neat, high-grade. In addition, the cellular structure of the corrugated composite board make full use of the corrugated board excellent folding formability, after folding forming ring gasket, packing transport storage can be expanded into flat shape. The flexible liner structure, transport storage takes up less space, easy processing. In fact, the honeycomb structure of corrugated duplex board has been used in air conditioner on the package, the key is to study how to optimize two cardboard composite technology and optimization of composite structure. Many people may not understand, why just packing paper need to be so strict requirements. That's because a nice reliable solid packing, enough to attract more customers to visit. If you want to stand out, his competitors, rut certainly is not an option! The supply demand much, packing paper is much. Still so a make sense! If you have need of single compound white board PAPER, our NEW BAMBOO PAPER can provide for you!
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