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The story about the double those express box after 11

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-09
Each year for the shopping crazy, is looking forward to what should be the arrival of the 'double · 11'! ! ! ! Buy buy buy until chop hand too much. As of 24 points, 11 Tmall turnover reached 120. 7 billion yuan. Remember jack ma said a words, how will these express safety on time delivery to the hands of shoppers. Of course, this also is not we are going to discuss today. We want to discuss now is after many consumers receive Courier, have ignored a very important details. Now cheater and fraud is rampant, especially the steal our personal information used for criminal purposes. So, in order to avoid these things, how we should correctly handle the delivery box and express packages we received? The right thing to do is very simple, in fact just lift a finger. That's what we can be sure to remember to express box to express personal information on the list to erase to express box and Courier slip away. As for can through what method to be erased? For example we can use the wind, pen, wet paper towels or wet towel around hand can get supplies will wipe off the words. So that not only can protect privacy, as well as a series of illegal crime happened. Double after the 11th, buy buy buy chop hand classmate, double 12 is coming right away; Double, if not buy buy buy, also can start looking forward to double 12.
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