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The Status of Paperboard Recycling Material


Paper board recycling has been in use in the UK since the 19th Century when demand for paper suddenly increased due to the interest in books and magazines from authors such as Charles Dickens.

paperboard recycling

In the last two decades, paper recycling has increased by up to 90% and will continue to rise as board made from paper replaces display units and packaging in supermarkets and manufacturing.

Environmentally Friendly Paperboard

As a natural sustainable product, board made from recycled paper is ecologically beneficial. The paper recycling process releases over 70% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than when new wood pulp is used. Recycling just one tonne saves enough electricity to run an average household for six months.One estimate cites that if only half the world’s consumption of paper was recycled, up to 20 million acres of woodland would be spared. Seventeen mature trees are saved every time paper is manufactured from one tonne of recycled material. One mature tree has to be felled to provide just 230 newspapers. The newspaper industry currently uses high amounts of recycled paper, displaying the percentage alongside the recycling symbol.

Recycled Packaging

Packaging made from recycled paper board accounts for just over 41% of the total amount of paper products in use, a figure that is certain to rise. Cardboard packaging is incredibly versatile, creating strong boxes of any shape or size. Some types of paper board contain up to 100% of recycled paper, drastically reducing the carbon footprint, saving trees and energy as it is recycled over and over.

International Paper Recycling

With the current awareness of environmental issues, many countries have been making great progress in reducing waste by recycling, particularly of paper. 

Material for recycling comes from three sources:

Mill Broke – excess waste from the paper board manufacturer

Pre-Consumer – unused surplus paper such as unsold magazines

Post-Consumer – used paper and packaging

Recycled paperboard is often remanufactured as packaging for cereal boxes while office grade paper becomes tissues and kitchen towels. Recycled paper board is versatile, economic and reusable, reducing energy consumption and saving trees.

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