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The relationship between the FSC black cardboard with black kraft paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-27
Black kraft paper has been on the market is the key of pronouns, the ask black leather customers have become more frequent in recent years, the black cardboard with black kraft paper, what is the relationship between the two are essentially the same material, why the customer named black kraft paper, black paper because of its suppliers in order to protect their customer source, changed its name to the black paper, kraft paper, black that call customer misleading as black cardboard into black kraft paper, so that when we give customers the reasons why the customer couldn't believe that their struggling for black kraft paper, there are so many original manufacturers. Our paper business people are also detailed explain to the customer the black cardboard some performance and index, in the customer understand the after finally understand the original either call black paper or kraft paper is there are a lot of meaning in it, black paper co. , LTD. , as a whole paper enterprises in dongguan, can have the FSC certification, one of the pioneer enterprises, as a major producer FSC black cardboard, set a good standard for the industry, popularize knowledge, for the general customers from the FSC forest environmental protection black cardboard, FSC grey board, FSC tissue paper, FSC color copy paper, etc. , we will, as always, to provide customers with satisfactory service.
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