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The merits of the four aspects: teach you judge composite gray paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-11
Determine a product's quality, we can in many ways, to judge, the details of it, and its appearance, can be as evidence of judgment, also there are many types of gray paper, composite grey board is also one of them, so we can teach you from four aspects to judge the merits of the composite gray paper? 1. Refers to the thickness of cardboard between the measured surface on both sides must be under pressure directly measuring the thickness of the show in mm or microns. At the moment, the thickness of the double grey board for every one hundred grams. 2. Scale is only plate the first target of the quality standards. Double grey board is quantity, the length and width of the web width, only cardboard dimensions in mm m indicate. Board promised to scale error is not beyond & plusmn; 3 mm; Quantitative is a square meters area of the weight of the paper, general with g / ㎡. 3. Water is refers to the double grey board inside the water content of fiber, using %. 4. Skewness and founder, refers to the maximum, flat paper diagonal error mm in general. At the moment, the skewness cannot surpass 3 mm in accordance with the requirements.
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