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The hardness of FSC grey board how important is packaging for use?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-31
The hardness of FSC grey board how important is packaging for use? FSC grey board as the main paper packaging production, the hardness will be directly affected the stiffness after the molding box, so usually manufacturers often at the time of purchase FSC grey board will see its brittleness is fit requirement, below is the FSC grey board under the hardness and brittleness, hope can give each customer the choose and buy the FSC grey board can sometimes help: FSC grey board brittleness, usually is refers to under the action of external force, the paper presents easy to fold, fragile, poor toughness properties. Usually we put the brittle LieDu as an important indicator, weigh the paper brittleness size paper brittle LieDu is will use pattern after must fold up strength decreased the percentage of said. It is well known that the FSC grey board at the time of the condition of forces, due to some larger tensile strength of tensile strength are smaller than the grey board of grey board is more easy to present cracks, or faults, this is because of its high tensile strength of grey board brittleness caused by strong hardness. FSC grey board is strong or brittle, this is mainly by the sheet of stress resistance ability and dispersed to influence. About the stress dispersion to FSC grey board, can quickly will stop on the paper of one point stress dispersion, make the whole piece of grey board can stress on average. To reach the part was destroyed by the fracture is not the purpose. Enterprise FSC grey board when the choose and buy must pay special attention to the hardness of grey board, if strong brittleness tend to cause the box production quality is not up to standard, thus rendering the breakeven tragedy.
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