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The FSC certification board why some more expensive than ordinary cardboard?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-06
FSC certification is also known as: 'forest environmental certification,' FSC certification kraft paper kraft paper products, also known as the forest environmental protection attestation was produced by cengcengbaguan kraft paper products, due to the FSC commission ordered by the FSC certified products must have the function of back, both from the raw material to the finished product should be marked is environmentally friendly, FSC kraft paper is no exception. FSC certification kraft paper, kraft paper, relatively expensive than the ordinary reason: 1, FSC has a complete set of industrial chain, so the FSC product cost is relatively high some. 2, due to the FSC eia for kraft paper used in the original wood pulp, Raw materials) Can determine producer production source, so the FSC pulp will be more expensive than ordinary kraft wood pulp out 400 - 700 yuan/ton. In the raw materials, The original wood pulp) FSC on kraft paper is kraft paper, cost is higher than normal. 3, FSC kraft paper cost is high, so relative price is higher than ordinary kraft paper on the market, so not all clients with FSC kraft paper, unless it is the customer requirements of our clients will choose the FSC kraft paper. If you have customer need of FSC kraft paper, paper mill in pulp, again clear and pulp and paper machine, in preparation for the production of FSC kraft paper work, all of these lead to the rising cost of production.
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