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The double grey board 丨 have you ever seen two sides instead of paper?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-01
Have you ever seen two sides instead of paper? It is left on the surface of the double characteristics of gray paper products is characterized by two lines, in contrast, a horizontal stripes, twill, surface smooth, pulp fiber fine no sawdust, core plasma partial white, grey board. Applicable scope is widely used in food box, tea box, gift box, jewelry box, jewelry boxes, pen boxes, moon cake box, shoes box, etc. , notebooks, book covers, folder, fast power clamp, card holder, memo, etc. Digital products packaging, hardware accessories plate, luggage strap, clothing lining, the cushion filling paper, decorate with cardboard, sericulture of the cardboard, glue plate comparison for the widely used of the rat.
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