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The difference between the FSC black paper and blackboard paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-28
As is known to all, has always been the FSC black cardboard used for hand holding more bags, photo album inside pages, gift boxes, DIY photo, phone boxes, tags, such as the manufacture of industrial products, etc. So so beautiful a cardboard or paperboard, there are no other purpose? There is no doubt the answer: yes, and very much. It recently very popular a kind of way of painting, is - With FSC black card instead of a blank sheet of paper, chalk or fluorescent pen as brushes, both collision, demonstrating the absolutely spectacular beautiful glory. Grave composed of FSC black card as the backplane, appear elegant and noble, chalk, pencil, or the color of the fluorescent pen on FSC black cardboard drawn lines, always so soft and beautiful. Many painting education institutions are using the FSC black cardboard this characteristic, the black cardboard as painting drawing board of education, students have been many. Generally divided into single blackening FSC black paper card, FSC double coated black card, FSC pure wood pulp black card, FSC grey black cardboard, painting with FSC black card choose FSC more double coated black card or a single blackening FSC card, quality good, prices are more affordable. Is one of the high cost performance.
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