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The difference between the board and the FSC cardboard FSC ashes

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-11
The difference between the FSC gray paper and non FSC cardboard FSC gray paper from the nature of the material is no different, from the source of the material, is that of the raw materials used by the FSC paper is through controlled! That is can be traced back to the FSC cardboard used raw materials come from where, in the union of custody. Are generally if the market recognition by the FSC certification of paper, so if want to enter this market, you will be doing the FSC Forest certification, FSC: Forest Stewardship Council forestry management association FSC - COC:森林管理委员会- 链, 的- - - - - - Custody chain monitoring forestry management association. FSC is to implement the participate in forest conservation and sustainable forest management and to ensure that using only paper derived from well-run forests, if it is a paper company in accordance with the following illegal way as a raw material can not get the FSC certification: 1. Illegal settlers cut trees Illegally harvested wood; 2. Stems from a violation of human rights and the practice of forest trees Wood Harvested in violation of tradition and civil right; 3. Trees from the forest of Gao Baocun value Wood harvested in forests cleans the where high conservation values are threatened by management activities; 4. Made of natural forest into planting the trees of the forest Woods harvested in forests cleans being converted to plantations or non - 森林使用; Genetically engineered wood trees from forests cleans in which genetically modified trees are palnted. Based on the above content, we can know that the FSC paper is organized by the FSC certification paper! Plain paper application of FSC certification can, no substantial difference between, just a certification certificate.
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