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The difference between paper and cardboard

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-17
Paper ( papcr) And the board ( 板) As a traditional packaging materials, development is an important material of modern packaging still a piece of this. Paper belongs to the flexible sheet materials, unable to form a fixed shape abandon, commonly used for wrapping package inserts and pocket board belongs to the rigid material. Can form a fixed shape, used to make all kinds of packaging container. In packaging made of paper and cardboard as the raw material, are collectively referred to as paper packaging, paper packaging application is very extensive. The output value of about 15% of the earth's ancient whole packaging materials production, not only used in department stores, textile, hardware, telecommunications equipment, household appliances and other goods packaging. Also applies to food, medicine, war industry product packaging in the modern commodity packaging, paper and other materials, add splendor to merchandise sales packaging, made of high strength it processing cardboard.
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