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The choose and buy must be noticed when FSC tissue paper?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-12
FSC tissue paper as a kind of advanced paper, among different areas, have played a very key role. Because it requires more complex production process, in terms of performance is also very strong. Not only are of good quality, more uniform transparent. Look from the appearance, it can be found that the paper is very smooth, delicate soft, has the very good printing performance. How to judge whether a FSC tissue paper fine? Simple said, first of all, we can observe the appearance of this piece of copy paper, have meet the basic requirements, smooth and flat. In addition, in the sunshine illuminate, see light penetration is more uniform. Then can check the physical aspects of the performance of the thin sheet of paper strength, usually better transparency good quality copy of the paper. So you need to observe its transparency is higher, the higher the said quality is better. When the choose and buy all the FSC tissue paper, bear in mind that don't covet some advantage on the price, buy inferior product. This not only brought trouble to the late production, more caused economic losses to themselves. In view of the copy paper manufacturers now on the market, usually have a certain scale. Traders can from the reputation and credibility, the production technology and production equipment, choice of FSC thin sheet of paper, paper provides good permeability, high transparency of the tissue paper, welcome to inquire and the choose and buy.
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