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The characteristics and advantages of FSC grey, white

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-26
The characteristics of the packing paper FSC Manila board - FSC Manila board is mainly due to the fibre is evener, surface layer has the packing and the composition of the rubber, and surface coating of paint, and through multiple roll calender processing, so the FSC grey paper board is more closely, the quality of the thickness is more even, the paper generally more white both smooth and has A uniform ink absorbency, surface powder with less delaminating phenomenon, paper is strong and has A good degree of folding, there is A certain scale, if used for printing choose better quality such as A product of the relatively small risk. FSC Manila board by MianJiang and each layer bottom slurry as copy. So the paste is generally divided into MianJiang ( The surface) , two, three, four layers, each layer of the pulp fiber ratio is different, and the layers of pulp fiber ratio, according to the quality of the copy paper differences and different. FSC Manila board is a kind of more advanced packing paper, printed labels and packaging cartons, such as: toy boxes, medicine boxes, food packaging, toothpaste packaging, gift box packaging, etc. FSC whiteboard paper generally fall into grade A, AA, etc. , and have A single-sided and double-sided. Weight is 200 g/m2. FSC Manila board has smooth white paper, thickness, texture closely, no powder dropping, and can have a uniform ink absorbency, scalability small, has the properties such as toughness, folding resistance to fracture. FSC Manila board in general, in the process of printing with offset printing product is more, a large quantity of ink for, in order to reduce the phenomenon of hair, to strictly control the ink viscosity and printing ink layer thickness, in case of a dirty on the back. Usually diluted by field ink printing products processing, to print a background, and then print the original ink at a time, not only reduces the roughcast, sticky dirty phenomenon, and after two times of printing overprint. Also increased the print gloss.
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