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The cause of the FSC white tissue paper to crinkle

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-27
The reason of FSC white tissue paper to crinkle FSC white tissue paper in printing crinkle affect printing speed and ink, however, in addition the paper quality directly affects the effect of paper and printing quality, most of the paper to crinkle are related to the quality of paper, such as poor toughness and pull is not good, quantitative small paper appear more easily to crinkle. Stiffness of the paper is poor, at the mouth diao paper or paper when the lateral stress will not be able to effectively transfer printing rigidity, especially in the local stress under the condition of large or sudden force, paper deformation is serious, enter the stamping area and easy to produce the phenomenon to crinkle. At this time we deal with paper do indentation processing, on the paper fan pressure ridge, increase the stiffness of the paper.
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